Environmental silicone rubber can be made of flexible silicone rubber products, such as Body Part products, body shape, body parts, body shape, chest pad, shoulder pads, patch, anti-skid pad, but also for the simulation of human facial silicone mold is mainly used for human face imitation of human body shape , because it is food grade, can be used to produce food mold, high-grade silicone products.
1, Environmental silicone rubber for simulation products is two-component RTV silicone rubber. This product is semi-transparent, oily liquid, curing soft elastic material.
2, Environmental silicone rubber has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, nontoxic and odorless, you can directly contact with the body, water resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to weathering, non-corrosive, with physical inertia, low linear shrinkage, the same type, shape change, easy operation.
3, Body part products silicone rubber’s temperature range -65 ° C – 200 ° C under long-term use and to maintain its soft elastic properties.

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