2-part liquid silicone with high transparency, great tear-strength and strong bonding force. This product portfolio is complemented by water-based finished silicone rubber dispersions and a large number of special additives for customizing our standard grades. Textile coaters will thus find the perfect solution for every application at SC SILICONES.
Addition cure silicone rubber for trademark printing features:

1,Non pollution environment, environment friendly silicone ink,

2,Non harm to human body. Caused by the organic solvent into environment friendly, in noxious ink

3,None cause environmental problems when test and destroy ester of silicone ink.

4,Silicon Ink with SGS approval, the silicone ink based on safety design easily pass any international inspection

5,Cured silicone in with high elastic, soft smooth hand feeling when touch, slippery, high stretchable and non bleeding

6,adhered on textile fiber well after being cured and forms elastomeric of silicone.

7,Good ink for silicone rubber products and latex with great adhesive.

8,Produce high tear strength, create high quality printing effect

9,Moderate fluidity and cure time application. Easy process

10,Low and higher temperature resistance (-50 to 300)

11,Special silicone elastomeric recovery capacity, flexibility, velvet, resistance to oil, solvent, and other etc,

12,no harm to human body caused by the organic solvent into environment friendly, in noxious ink

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